Reconciliation Worksheet

This page is “auto-filled” from the Cost and Sales Comparison approach pages.  The intent of the Reconciliation Worksheet is a side-by-side summary and/or view of each approach.  “ROV” or range of value has not been used in this example; and would generally replace the cost and sales comparison approach(es) --- or both.

The Sales Comparison land indications (yellow) have been selected because valuing a “mixed” property with more than land type is best measured sales with commensurate land mixtures.

The subject buildings (purple) are based on the Sales contribution’.  ASFMRA recommends either using Sales Comparison or the Cost Approach for both land and buildings; not mixing indications from both, i.e., sales comparison land plus buildings from the cost.

The “calculated weighted REL” or remaining economic life (manual entry), is directed to the mortgagor (FCS) as a benchmark for loan security, i.e., the building’s life at 32 years (small purple box(es) should be longer than the loan term.

The red boxes are the user’s reconciled value opinion and state the reported value(s).  The conclusions are automatically transferred back to the first page “Report Summary” (shown below (red)).