The upper portion of the SCA Grid (ER Procedure) auto-fills from DataLog or the sales individually added in the report container and numbered for use.  The ASFMRA improvement adjustment procedure provides indications for the Subject’s improvement through each “Sale’s lens”.  For the 2020 Case Study, four (4) improved sales are shown with the land-mix adjustment left and improvement adjustment right (in colored boxes below).  After adjustment, the land and building adjusted contributions are shown, then combined for the time adjustment block (not shown).

The improvement adjustment is computed on a separate page.  There are two options:

    • head-to-head and sale-by-sale comparison (four sales --- each with ten (10) improvements) using Sale 6 as an example, or
    • valuing twenty buildings associated with a single sale compared to a subject that would also have more than ten improvements (shown on second grid below).

Both are shown briefly below, but "Help" is also available on each page.  The improvements for four (4) sales are shown on a single page (Improvement Adjustments (Head-to-Head)) with only the first sale (Sale 6) shown below.  Note:  there is room for only ten buildings on this format.

The single improvement on one page allows for twenty (20 buildings, rather than ten shown above.  The same $102/acre adjustment is calculated by a single building.  The "one-building" head-to-head was provided for more complex structural components with up to twenty different buildings on the sale/subject.  In this example, the short or long version provides the same answer at $102/acre.